“I very much appreciated being part of your Processwork series. I love the work and have been using it with my own coaching with my clients.  I found myself delighting in your skill and awareness. Your work shimmers.”
Judith Duhl, Master Certified Coach

“I really enjoyed Lane’s workshop. It honestly was life changing for me.”
Amelia Rana, United Kingdom

“Our organization couldn’t be where we are now without Lane’s work with us!”

“Writing songs used to be hard work; now they just come out of me. And I am not afraid of the audience anymore. Lane taught me that there is no shame to show myself.”
Tomasz Szwed – Award winning singer-songwriter, performer, and recording artist in Warsaw, Poland.

“I feel very good on stage since we worked together. I have a concert at the end of February and I’m looking forward joyfully instead of being nervous as usual. WOW!! What a new feeling!!!  Thank you very very much for everything you give us with your soul and work!”
D.B, singer

“I enjoyed Lane’s work with participants at our ORSC event. I was so moved by his deep presence, fascination and almost rapture as he listened to and supported each person’s movement towards wholeness.”
B.W., Leadership Coach and Community Development Consultant   

“The whole workshop was absolutely amazing, from beginning to end. I was particularly struck by Lane’s combination of warmth, humor, compassion, and complete attention to the group and to the individuals he worked with in the center. I have never found it easy to work with a man on anything connected with the abuse I experienced. When Lane worked with me – I just can’t believe how easy it felt, and how liberating.”
Denise Cutting – Birmingham, England.

“Lane was the perfect fit for me as a coach at a time when I was developing my own skills in facilitating groups in conflict, following transformational opportunities with individuals I work with, and learning to do the inner work that has given me more confidence, compassion and trust in my instincts.  Since that time, I’ve found a number of useful applications for the themes and skills that we covered in developing leadership capacity in other people of color, queer and trans folks and helping different groups grapple with difficult ‘isms.’ ”
– Nico Amador

“Lane is a gifted teacher, able to engage students immediately in the experience of what they’re learning rather than merely in the idea of it. His spontaneous, authentic, light-hearted style creates an environment and mood of mutual discovery and delight in what emerges- and yet what emerges is precisely what has great meaning for those present. Lane truly lives the Process Work he teaches! I am constantly surprised and delighted by the wisdom and beauty in process that is revealed by this work.”

“When Lane worked with the Oakland Asian Cultural Center, we had just gone through a period of turmoil and painful staff changes. Lane helped us talk about things we had not been able to verbalize or were afraid to express. He gave us space and direction to have the difficult conversations and helped us deepen our dialogue. We worked on personal matters, interpersonal relations, cultural differences, and organizational structures. He helped us clarify our individual goals and our organizational priorities.Read More

With his help, we realized we needed to create an operations manual, which turned out to be very useful as our center grew. All of this made our teamwork more cohesive, enabled us to look at the bigger picture, and helped us move forward as an organization. Lane is an insightful and compassionate facilitator.”
Anne Huang, Executive Director of the Oakland Asian Cultural Center

“When I met Lane Arye and Arlene Audergon, in 1994, my country was torn apart by bloody war. At that time, Lane and Arlene became our link to the world, and the world’s link to us, and somehow our link to the future. Over the years, their commitment to understand, support, and facilitate conflicts and post-war tensions made a tremendous difference. It takes great skill to transform such deep conflicts, and it was hard to navigate through the thick fog of history, myths, prejudice, hatred, violence, mistrust, and hopelessness.Read More

Daring to sit in this fire with us and facilitate with respect and true love, Arlene and Lane enabled us to witness in awe moments of change. Hundreds of people left those conflict facilitation seminars with renewed sense of hope, which helped to transform their lives and their communities. Personally, I am grateful for the growth that happened inside me, inside many people I care about, and inside my country through this process.”
Tanja Radocaj – Head of UNICEF in Croatia  

“I saw Lane Arye and Arlene Audergon conducting reconciliation workshops with the groups of Croats and Serbs in Croatia, just after the war was over, and ever since then I have had no hesitation to recommend either of them for any conflict facilitation work. I saw them demonstrating an outstanding ability to accurately notice and understand the various dynamics in the group, not necessarily the foreground ones only. However, I was far more impressed with their courage and capacity not to understand and, Read More

then, venture together with the group in the process of unveiling. Still, all this would be in vain without the end result, which, now from the hindsight, looks even more remarkable than immediately after the workshops, when Serbs and Croats were emotionally expressing mutual understandings and commitments for dialog and support. Most of the participants did actually live up to these commitments.”
Misko Mimica – United Nations High Commission for Refugees, Community Services Officer, Pristina, Kosovo

“Dr. Arye served as facilitator in matters concerning the City of Oakland’s Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts (formerly the Alice Arts Center), especially conflicting issues involving uses and expectations by a community of performing artists needing low-cost office and performance space, the residents in the low-cost apartments in the facility, and the City itself, with lean budgets and more pressing priorities. Dr. Arye in all matters demonstrated respect for the participants, encouraged open discussion, and Read More

led various sessions to solutions that can only come from a thoughtful professional facilitator respected by those with whom he is working. He was a pleasure to work with not only because he found positive outcomes in often tense and difficult situations, but is a warm engaging person who truly cares about his clients.
Dennis M. Power, Ph.D. Former Director of Cultural Affairs, City of Oakland, CA  

“Lane Arye is unusually skilled at being transparent in his own choices as a facilitator, and explaining them in ways so others can learn from him. Further, he has a deep sensitivity to the people I work with — activists — that’s enabled him to gain trust quicker and work more deeply than most other facilitators I know.  Lane has taught me to open up my head to the unknown, grow a bigger heart, trust my own intuition, and love myself more deeply. It’s so deep! It’s not just a skill or an approach or a paradigm, but blows my mind!”
-Daniel Hunter – author of Strategy & Soul: A Reader’s Guide  

“Lane Arye facilitates an environment and process for groups with intuition, care, and subtlety. Lane has worked with our theatre company for years — allowing us to draw on our deepest process of expression as performers. His style and mastery in moving a group from the inside out, has presented us with a template for working and growing together as a advanced performance company.”
Charles Schnarr, director of Tucson Playback Theatre, Tucson, AZ.  

“Lane Arye, Ph.D., supervised the Psychiatric Day Hospital in Siemienowice, Poland from 1997 through 1999. The goal of this program was to bring elements of Process Work into environmental (milieu) psychiatry.

Dr. Arye worked with individual patients (e.g., patients with acute schizophrenic psychosis, chronic depression, anxiety disorders, suicidal problems) in the presence of all other patients and staff members (psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, social workers, music and occupational therapists). Read More

He demonstrated excellent competence in his non-pathological approach, thereby passing on knowledge and skills that are extremely useful to our work.

He also led group processes of our Day Hospital’s community (patients and staff). In this way, he taught us to see the group’s problems from a point of view that is different than a medical and social approach. Again and again, we found that by voicing and processing these problems we can improve the atmosphere and build trust, openness and intimacy in our therapeutic community.

Dr. Arye also met separately with the staff and supervised our work with difficult patients. He showed himself to be a man with a big, open heart, a supportive and understanding teacher who, at the same time, challenged us to learn and develop.

Dr. Arye’s professional skills in using Process Work with psychiatric patients and psychiatric institutions/communities are very high, and have been proven by the practical experience of our Psychiatric Day Hospital.”

Dr. Jacek Przyludzki – Chief Psychiatrist and Director of the Psychiatric Day Hospital in Siemienowice, Poland.  

“Something extraordinary about Lane Arye’s powerful work is its clarity. The results he gets in working with people in conflict may sometimes seem magical, but he’s not interested in mystifying the process; instead, he works with a group to assist people to see what is really happening. Lane Arye is truly about empowerment.”
George Lakey, Founder, Training for Change, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Lane is an engaging and passionate educator and trainer who has the ability to teach complex ideas in a understandable, down to earth manner, while combining it with good humor and fun.”
Nader Shabahangi, Ph.D.  (Founder and CEO of AgeSong)

“Process Work unfolds worlds of awareness, wholeness, connection and compassion in my life. Lane is very experienced and intuitive as a teacher/facilitator and very sensitive to students’ needs. I feel I can draw on Lane’s vast reservoir of experience and knowledge, yet feel connected with him at a beginners’ level.”
-Michelle Yan

I have personally grown in enormous and inexplicable ways working with Lane. I continue to be delighted by the results that I see when I bring Process Work into everyday life. Process Work is now a guiding principle in my life and the work I do as a therapist.
– Wally Phillips

“Vast knowledge, years of experience, tactful and sensitive, open, flexibly adjusting to the level of the participants, caring about students for whom English is not their mother tongue. Clear explanations, interesting examples, great work as a supervisor during exercises.

And learning was fun, too!”

“Since our retreat with Lane, we haven’t buried conflict. We work on it where it comes up. We’re clearly in a different place.”

“I was given new efficient tools as well as the ability to work on deeper levels with my clients and on myself.”

“What I learned during the seminars was ‘ready to use’ instantly in real situations.”

“Lane’s seminars were a transformative journey, which is continuing until now.”

“Lots of new information presented in a way that makes it possible to effectively digest and apply it. ‘Old’ pieces of information falling into places.”

“I really appreciate Lane’s way of teaching: very clear, very simple, personal and concrete. He creates a protected container to explore the theory and to practice the tools with a safety net. He gave space to each of us, and he also jumped in in a very respectful way when it was needed.”

“Online classes with Lane were a great opportunity to continue to learn and to practice the tools he brought to us when he was in Europe. It was great to be able to stay home, and not having to cross the world to be in the US.”

“Lane is deeply honest, beautifully transparent about his skills, his methods, and his limitations, profoundly compassionate, and enviably fluid. I especially admire his gentleness and his patience.”

“Because of Lane’s classes, I approach conflicts differently, I have more choices about how I react in conflict, and am more aware of my own inner life. I am by no means reliable about approaching conflict as my teacher, but every time I can do that, I end up being glad that I tried.”

“Lane’s work with me today helped me ease a heavy weight that has been upon my heart for so long. When I closed the gate after I left and looked at the world around me, everything looked and felt much different than when I had first entered. I can feel the deep healing that took place today throughout the stratum of my being.”
Lisa Huftel, Berkeley, CA  

“Lane’s work has helped me get in touch with an inner guidance that I have been craving. It has helped me value the messages from my body, from the world, and from my dreams, and has given me tools for opening their secrets. The way Lane fearlessly opened his heart has inspired me to take risks in my own work and in my life. I am deeply grateful.”
Heidi Wilson – Tucson, Arizona  

“Lane works with amazing insight, compassion and personal clarity that make this deceptively simple process fun, stimulating and deeply moving, not to mention helpful, all at the same time! He has obvious and contagious love and passion for Process Work that makes it just about impossible not to want to “get into it” as soon as possible to see what you will find! I could not recommend another person or method for both getting results and enjoying oneself on an authentic, heartfelt level.” 

“With Lane’s guidance, the image that revealed itself on my paper was even deeper, fuller, and more satisfying than the vision in my mind’s eye. Now the unexpected can hold joy for me, rather than fear, which is very empowering to me. I am able to live in a richer, tastier way! A major transformation.”
Karin Bartimole – award winning fine artist in New Rochelle, New York.  

“Lane’s way of putting together his experience with process work and his love of music and creativity is brilliant. He is a pioneer.”
Nisha R. Zenoff, Ph.D., MFCC – psychotherapist and author.  

“Lane Arye and Arlene Audergon joined us in Croatia during a very hot and difficult period immediately after the war. They participated in the design of the project “Building Sustainable Community in the Aftermath of War,” and facilitated many forums for professionals and leaders from all over Croatia. They also trained, supervised, and supported members and associates of our organization. Arlene and Lane showed persistence, tolerance and enormous sensitivity to all our experiences, opinions, emotions and expressions. Read More

They helped us to understand processes and encouraged us to work with horrible conflicts and traumatic experiences. Their commitment made a change in us, local professionals – a change away from discouragement, avoidance, and giving up in this difficult job. We plan to work together more in order to prevent violent conflicts, promote higher values, and guide more people in building their sustainable communities.”
Nives Ivelja, president of the Association “Mi”, Split, Croatia. President of the Council for Development of Civil Society in Croatia  

“Thank you so much for an outstanding evening. I know you touched many people, including me.”

“What I respect most about Lane as a teacher is his high level of transparency and authenticity. ”

“The workshops with Lane opened up a new sense of choice and grace within challenging circumstances.” 

Process work has changed my life. Through the sessions with Lane, I have discovered the strength of expressing my authentic self. I perceive much more than before. I feel my eyes and all my senses much more awake. I allow myself to feel now. My artwork and my relationships with others are richer. I love this new me, this new consciousness, this new world I want to live in.
R.B., Bogota, Colombia