Individual and Relationship Work

Using Process Work’s unique lens and powerful methods, I work with individuals and relationships on their troubles and joys.

I work with individuals on a host of issues, including:

Dreams, physical symptoms, life myth, creativity, expression, trauma, addictions, relationships, sexuality, gender, finding your power, finding your voice, tapping into your vulnerability, finding meaning in extreme states of consciousness, anxiety, inner and outer conflicts, and many more.

I work with relationships of all kinds including:

Friendships, couples and families (including monogamous, polyamorous, heterosexual, LGBTQI, mixed race, and blended couples and families) work colleagues, employer/employee relationships, team members…

…on a variety of issues including:

communication, rank and privilege issues in relationships, clarity, honesty and dishonesty, power and vulnerability, agreements, broken agreements, emotional and physical intimacy, trust and mistrust, communication style differences, and many more.