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Read the article in German
Read the article in Slovak

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Here are some articles/chapters that were written by others about my work:

Lior Tsarfaty: “An Untuned Sound.”  צליל לא מכוון In Alternative Life. חיים אחרים
Read the article in Hebrew

Greg Nees wrote a beautiful book, Connecting Hearts and Minds: Insights, Skills, and Best Practices for Intercultural Success. (Vagus Publications. 2015).  In two of his chapters, he details the work Arlene Audergon and I did in the Croatia, weaving together descriptions of what happened, Process Work concepts that were utilized, and his own analysis and wisdom.

Kate Sutherland wrote a wonderful book called, Make Light Work In Groups: 10 Tools to Transform Meetings, Companies and Communities (Incite Press, Vancouver, Canada: 2012). Chapter 8 focuses on Process Work, and I’m honored that it includes my entire article “A Therapist Talks about the Occupy Wall Street Events” as an illustration of Process Work concepts. Click here to read the chapter. Check my Links and Resource page to find Kate’s website.

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